The Best Project Management Tools for Administrative Assistants

Administrative support is a fast-paced career, so staying on top of tasks and projects is essential. Fortunately, there are multiple project management tools out there to help streamline chaos, and enhance productivity. 

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite and best project management tools, all tailored to an administrative assistant’s needs. Read on to know more about these toolkit essentials.


Trello is a workflow manager, helping you bring all tasks, teammates, and tools together in one place.  This tool is known for its simple, visual interface based on the Kanban method – the Japanese word for “visual board” or “sign.” With Trello, you’ll be able to better manage and improve systems via access to boards, lists and cards. These represent various tasks and stages, providing a clear view of who’s doing what and what still needs to get done – so easy to track progress! This system is very user friendly, great for smaller projects or teams.


Asana helps automate workflows. It’s a comprehensive project management tool, suitable for larger teams and complex projects, with features like task dependencies, timelines and advanced reporting. These combined help maintain clear communication while managing workloads as efficiently as possible. It also helps with deadlines, keeping track of advanced to-do lists and organizing assignments.


Clickup is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool that’s known for its flexibility and ability to adapt to various work styles.  It features tools to help plan, organize, budget and track progress on any project via alerts and a task toolbar. It’s also fully customizable, with views for lists, boards and calendars. This software focuses on planning, tracking, collaborating – anything from marketing campaigns, development, or enhanced workflow.  There’s a free version that comes with unlimited users, which would be best for small businesses or freelance workers.


Wrike is known as an all-in-one platform to manage projects, stay organized, and enhance collaboration. There are tools for task, project, and portfolio management as well as automation options to streamline processes. Wrike offers customized software for certain industries, and team functions with preconfigured templates. We enjoy this tool because it is fully customizable and offers a free trial option.


Notion focuses on being a single space to think, write and plan. It’s a productivity tool that combines task management, note-taking and collaboration features in a customizable workspace – with databases, boards, lists and calendars – meaning you can completely tailor the system to your needs. We like that you can write and add elements anywhere, making it one of the closest things to handwriting to-do lists… just easier! Notion also utilizes AI technology, to help your workspace move faster and better.

The utilization of project management tools – both free and paid – by administrative assistants provides invaluable advantages, and allows you to elevate the workplace. Let us know which of the productivity tools mentioned above have helped you most in navigating increased productivity and efficiency!