Your Guide to Booking Travel in 2023

Travel planning can be daunting – from strategic scheduling, to budget planning, to overall experience. Your role is crucial in ensuring seamless travel for your team. No pressure… right?

We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist of all the right tools – The Admin Community tested and approved! – with resources to streamline the process, and provide a stress-free travel experience for everyone involved.

Before we pack the suitcase, let’s unpack the “Top 5” travel planning essentials.

1.) Kayak: The ultimate travel search engine. When looking for the best sites for booking travel, head to Kayak. We love this site because it consolidates all your travel planning needs in one place. It’s one of the best travel search engines! Compare flights, hotels, even car rentals – all with a user-friendly interface that saves you both time and money. It also has one of the best travel package sites. Having access to multiple travel options at your fingertips limits hassle, allowing you to focus and make informed decisions that work best for your executive’s itinerary. Kayak is free, and they’ve also just launched a business site that is focused on easing the corporate chaos.

2.) Tripit: Your virtual travel assistant. We think of this one as a real lifesaver, for administrative assistants juggling multiple itineraries. Tripit organizes all your travel plans, from flights to hotel reservations, into a single, easy-to-access itinerary. Once you’ve secured your plan via travel search engines, you forward your confirmation emails to Tripit, and the site will take over the rest. No more deep searching through emails and old documents; everything you need is neatly stored for quick access. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that this virtual travel assistant has all arrangements well-managed and in one place.

3.) Hopper: Forecasting made simple. Have you ever questioned if you bought your plane ticket at the right time? Prices are constantly fluctuating, and it’s hard to tell if you’ve paid the right price. Hopper is the best website to compare flights because it takes out the guesswork with its smart forecasting feature. The app analyzes flight prices and trends, then predicts when they are likely to be the lowest. This is also a great tool when looking for the best website for last minute flights. Hopper automatically offers cost-saving tips, helping you stay on budget without compromising quality.

4.) Award Wallet: Loyalty programs made easy. You’re spending the money already, might as well get some rewards out of it, right? But when you’ve got multiple loyalty program accounts going, it can get overwhelming trying to track all those points and miles. Award Wallet simplifies the process, by consolidating all your accounts into one place. It alerts you when rewards are available, or points are about to expire. Optimize your executive’s travel expenses effectively, by utilizing a streamlined view of loyalty programs.

5.) Incognito Browser: The secret weapon. Going incognito allows you a little more freedom when searching for deals online. Whether you’re checking for best travel search engines, hotel bookings, or the best website for flights – it prevents sites from tracking your search history. Many websites will use that information to hike up prices based on demand. If you’re trying to save some serious cash, this trick can make a significant difference in finding the best deals.

With access to the best travel search engines, and the right techniques, the planning process becomes streamlined and stress-free. No more pressure! Happy travels.